ABIT Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Varaždin, Croatia which has, from its founding (1993), specialized in developing banking information systems and providing IT support to banks and similar financial institutions. In addition, as a long term IBM Business Partner, ABIT has vast experience in delivery and maintenance of relational database IBM/Informix development tools. Abit is also a SYBASE Inc. business partner considering matters of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

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ABIT employs over 50 highly qualified and specialized experts that have vast knowledge and experience with designing, developing and maintaining banking information systems.



The key part of our business orientation, along with developing software solutions, is user counseling on strategy and changeability of information technologies. We also provide support in application of banking technologies, standards, documentation and system-analysis.
During many years of providing our services, which we have successfully delivered to over 17 banks (in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), ABIT has acquired extensive experience and knowledge on banking information system technologies.


Constant investment in research, evaluation and application of new technologies, especially concerning the training and education of our staff, have made ABIT a company that currently employs 50 highly qualified and specialized experts with substantial experience in developing and maintaining banking information systems in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since the year 2004, ABIT holds the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 which assesses the structure and organization of the company, as well as the procedures and activities within the company, and not only the product. Certification paid special attention to areas of business design, programming, deployment and maintenance of information systems, which in turn contributes to enhancing the overall security and system support. Since 2007, ABIT also uses Balanced Scorecard performance management tools to optimize organization and overall performance..


Our strengths:

  • experience with 17 banks in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • over 20 years of continuous development
  • constant investment in research, evaluation and application of new technologies
  • constant investments in training and education of our employees
  • partnerships with global leaders in new technologies