During our 20 years of constant development ABIT has earned the trust of 15 banks in Croatia nad Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the company’s constant investments in research, testing and applying of new technologies a big emphasis is given on creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with world renowned software companies (IBM, SYBASE, Microsoft, Automated Workflow, etc.).


ABIT solutions – performance In it’s conception of developing software ABIT
  • 1000 concurrent users
  • 800.000 accounts
  • 350.000 transactions per day
  • more than 500 workstations
  • over 50 branches
  • uses and encompasses both modern and open technologies
  • gives a big emphasis on solution functionality
  • respects professional and industry standards


List of clients:

Agro-Obrtnička banka d.d.

APIS IT d.o.o. logaci-22

Auro-banka d.d., Vitez

Banco Popolare Croatia d.d. logaci-20

Banka Kovanica d.d. logaci-23

Camelija banka d.d., Bihać

Exclusive change d.o.o. logaci-18

Grad Varaždin logaci-19

HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o. logaci-24

HPB Stambena štedionica d.d. logaci-21

Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. logaci-01

IB-PROCADD d.o.o. logaci-07

Ilirija banka d.d.

Kaptol banka d.d. logaci-06

Libertas štedna banka d.d.

Međimurska banka d.d. logaci-15

OTP banka d.d. logaci-14

Partner banka d.d. logaci-16

Postbank BH, Sarajevo logaci-08

Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d. logaci-17

PSA Financial d.o.o. logaci-11

Sberbank d.d. logaci-12


Societe Generale-Splitska banka d.d. logaci-09

Štedionica ZAGIŠTED

Štedno-kreditna zadruga FIMA

Štedno-kreditna zadruga Jež

Štedno-kreditna zadruga UNISONO

Štedno-kreditna zadruga Zlatni most

Tesla štedna banka d.d. logaci-13

Trgovačko-Turistička banka d.d.

Tuzlanska banka d.d. , Tuzla logaci-05

UNA banka Bihać d.d. logaci-03

Union banka d.d. logaci-04

Volksbank d.d. logaci-10

Zadarska županija logaci-02