Ability to forestall big passing plays They do best is what we emphasise, Said Seahawks defensive adviser Kris Richard, Staying on top and clearing away explosive plays. They the most explosive offense in the NFL at the present time, So it are going to be a great challenge. Game will be full of conflicts for the Seahawks. The within of their embattled offensive line will have its hands full with Geno Atkins, A three time Pro Bowl decision who among the league best pass rushing defensive tackles. Marshawn Lynch is out and Fred Jackson is reduced than 100 percent, Which means Seattle only healthy tailbacks are arranged of undrafted rookies in Thomas Rawls and Rod Smith. And it will be played in front of a rare sell out crowd that will pack Paul Brown Stadium till what being called the biggest Bengals home game in years. But nothing is essential for Seattle in any game but especially this one than not allowing big passing plays. To remain on top, As Seattle uptight backs are mandated to do, Is to never allow the opponent they covering to get in it. That phrase isn an indication in Seattle defense so much as it part of a greater commandment: Thou Shalt Not Get Beat full. Every team in the NFL tries cut big passing plays. What makes the Seahawks different and need rest is the degree to which it emphasized and how their defense is built around that principle. Goal, Said associate head coach Rocky Seto, Who began hiring Pete Carroll in 2000 at USC. When I got with Coach Carroll these days, Staying on top was the very initial thing almost out of his mouth. So it a the main ageda because without it all 10 other players on the field are neutralized, It becomes a one to one game. If we can stay on top then we can play that sort of defense. Cornerback Cary Williams: All we mention. It almost like a daily thing that just getting drilled in your head every day. You’ve got to stay on top. You were given to stay on top. Explosive passing play is defined however as one that gains 25 yards or more. Seattle defense allowed a combined six of them over the first matches, Which was more than three times the rate at which they had allowed such plays while leading the league in that category in each of history two seasons. The Seahawks have only allowed one explosive passing play throughout the last two games, And while Chicago mostly attacked Seattle first before the normal, Detroit took plenty of shots deep down the field with little success. Cincinnati figures to do the equivalent. The Bengals lead the league in mind blowing plays this season with 15 while Dalton yards per attempt average of 10.23 has become second among quarterbacks, Stats that are suggestive of how much success Cincinnati has had throwing deep. Been very confident in power they have to strike you downfield, So they been hitting it, Carroll shown. It a difficult issue. They making trouble for just anybody and we going to try to minimize that as best we can. Defense in general and its secondary in particular have returned to form over the past two weeks. Kam Chancellor has returned from his holdout, Williams has gained the reassurance of what for him is a new system while Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman have continued to play at All Pro levels. Seattle defense has yet to off a pass this season, But it only allowed a combined three points throughout the last two games, A recovery that has helped the Seahawks climb out of their 0 2 hole. Now comes to be able to get above.500 initially this season. But if the Seahawks are going to differentiate themselves from Cincinnati and its big play passing offense, Their secondary is going to need to stay on top.